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Fertilovit® nutraceuticals are highly specific advanced supplements that offer research-based dietetic support for men and women who wish to become parents. From preconception to pregnancy, from endometriosis, Hashimoto's and PCOS to limited semen quality and IVF – we have the optimized dietetic solution. Ferticeutics Co is the exclusive distributor for Greece and Cyprus.


Femarelle® provides safe and effective non-hormonal options for the management of the menopause journey, endorsed by leading gynecologists around the world. Backed by strong science, published in leading journals and sales of millions of units to date, every woman 40+ can find the Femarelle® most suitable to her needs. Ferticeutics Co is the exclusive distributor for Greece.


Probio7® provides a comprehensive line of live friendly bacteria to support all ages from infants right through to seniors. In Greece, this new collaboration of Ferticeutics with Probio7® mainly focuses on women's health, fertility and pregnancy. Looking after the gut microbiome is important for fertility, foetal development, as well as the health of the mother during pregnancy.


Brizo® is a nutraceutical that improves the quality of life in men with benign prostate hyperplasia. Produced through a unique process of fermentation which increases the bio availability of its beneficial active ingredient found in the soybean, it assists men around the world by providing a fast acting solution to the bothersome urinary symptoms. Ferticeutics Co. is the distributor for Greece.

Corporate Wellness

A modern, different in concept, wellness program exclusive to Ferticeutics, not only to create and support a healthy workplace but also optimize health and performance of individuals, according to their unique needs, for example infertility, nutrition or menopause. We are seeking to collaborate with companies, organizations or individuals that consider workplace wellness a priority.


A multinational, nutritional genomics company with over 10,000 practitioners in 40 countries, founded by world-renowned experts in nutrition and built on award-winning technology. The kits test how genes impact weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, performance, fertility, food intolerances, and eating habits. Ferticeutics Co is the distributor for Greece.

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