About us

Gonadosan – this is the name of a young Swiss-Austrian company dedicated to the new life. It is no common knowledge yet, but health care starts well before conception!

In our interdisciplinary team and in international cooperations we work at developing innovative orthomolecular concepts. Highly specific complex micronutrient preparations offer research-based dietetic support for men and women. From preconception to pregnancy, from endometriosis to limited semen quality and IVF – we have the optimized dietetic solution!


An interdisciplinary team is striving to develop and test novel orthomolecular concepts. It is the expertise and dedication of this team that contributes decisively to our company’s growth and success.


All our products are manufactured according to orthomolecular principles. In order to ensure the quality and benefits of end products, only ingredients with superior purity, efficiency and bioavailibility are chosen. Manufacturing of products complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and each batch is additionally tested by independent, certified laboratories to ensure purity.

Most formulas are patent protected and we keep investing in research and development.

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