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Motherhood in menopause.

We live in an era where women can become pregnant at a very advanced reproductive age. Being pregnant in perimenopause has long been a challenging procedure, with the latest advancements in the IVF lab allowing women to become moms with their own eggs even at 45 years of age. Or even older.

With egg donation and supporting country law, women now have the choice to become mothers in menopause.

Being a new mom, especially for the first time in (peri) menopause can be very challenging.

Because of estrogen decline postpartum, new moms can experience a variety of symptoms including vaginal dryness, fatigue, hair loss, irritability, low libido, and even depression – the same symptoms exactly as (peri)menopause, that is why some say that postpartum is like a “mini menopause”.

Needless to say, for women of very advanced reproductive age that choose to breastfeed for a long period of time, a year or more, it is possible to reach a point where you become perimenopausal or even menopausal while still breastfeeding.

Along with other “conversations” about infertility and menopause, the former being a disease, the latter being a natural situation, yet both so challenging and demanding, I believe we should also start discussing how we can support women who become mothers midlife.

As a company, and personally, I will open this conversation with my peers. Please message me if you would be interested to join me on this topic.

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