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National Infertility Awareness Week 2023

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The last day of National Infertility Awareness Week 2023 (NIAW2023) is today and the #FindYourVoice challenge is on.
Another week with many new really challenging ivf cases for myself, and because of the infertility awareness week challenges going on, I tried even harder to “feel” the real struggles ivf patients face beyond the disease itself.
So last night was my moment of epiphany, after a consultation that lasted two hours.

It seems that many IVF patients while being treated by their IVF team, they are afraid to ask ALL the questions. Yes, they do ask, but some. They ask the ones that will not make their current doctor uncomfortable. Even if they do not feel 100% sure about their treatment, they hesitate many times to ask what they really want.

ALL the questions they want.

They seem to be accepting anything, as long as it looks promising.
If the treatment is successful, then all is well. Apparently. But what if it is not?

If the failure happens again, and probably again, and again? And unfortunately YES, that is a possibility because no matter how much progress we have made IVF is still very challenging. We may be most successful than ever, but there are still many “extremely” challenging IVF cases that require “extremely” higher doses of patience, medical excellence & expertise, and… of course, perseverance.

When you are infertile and receiving IVF treatment, it is so important to #findyourvoice as a patient and have the courage to ask your current doctor ALL the questions that you really want. Discuss ALL the things that frustrate you. Ask for more help, if you believe you are not receiving plenty.

Not the next doctor. The one who is treating you now. Find your voice and talk openly about everything that bothers you.

Personally speaking, when my patients are honest with me, not holding back, and expressing even their insecurities, that is when I feel I am most honored as their doctor.

When they find their voice and speak up, I find the courage to treat them the best way that I can.

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