Optimizing wellness even before birth

About Ferticeutics Co.

Ferticeutics Co. is a versatile company dedicated to personalized healthcare. We offer innovative products that improve health in many different aspects. Our unique edge lies in pairing these products with tailored healthcare consulting services to further advance well-being and increase healthspan.

Our Services & Products

We are the exclusive distributors of world-renowned brands but we also create and provide our very own bespoke services.

Transforming Healthcare from a Different Angle

Products and services that transform, improve or evolve human health, even before birth, for the whole lifespan, without any age or gender bias.

Scientific Reliability and Safety

We choose products and create services that are evidence based and have been tested for their scientific reliability, safety and effectiveness, since we believe that is the only way to ensure that we offer the best.

Upcoming Events

We participate in international conferences and create unique digital events, connecting with peers and our clients, all over the world.


The Future of Work Conference

The conference brought together a diverse group of professionals and experts who provided valuable insights on the current state and potential future of work.

13-14 APRIL

Hellas Pharm

This year, more than any other year, the conference will focus not only on the crucial role of the pharmacist in informing the public about health, prevention, beauty and nutrition issues, but also on the essential contribution of the pharmacist as an active member of society in the prevention and treatment of its pathologies. The conference topics, both scientific and social, will be developed by distinguished speakers.

07-10 JULY

ESHRE 40th Annual Meeting

In 2024, ESHRE will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Annual Meeting. The Society’s first Annual Meeting was held in Bonn, in 1985. On that occasion the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology was officially founded. Four decades of impressive work on human reproduction call for a stand still on what has been achieved during these past 40 years and what is yet to come during upcoming years!

Latest News

Latest news from our industries and some food for thought from our CEO.

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